24th road victory team-record credited to Canucks

Vancouver Canucks only required a short second-half opening to register yet another road win; with L Roberto showcasing consecutive stops. The man put on hold a total of 30 shots then Canucks registered franchise milestones for game-points and road victories. They won 3-1 over ATL Thrashers late Friday. Both Bolduc and Raymond Mason made Canucks scores in a short span lasting only seven minutes into the latter half. Burrows then finished the game with an additional empty net score with only 13 seconds to the game’s end. Having won 9 out of the possible 10 games Canucks now stand a chance of improving on their NHL super record.

Vigneault the team’s coach confirmed that Luongo was the most preferred ice player having made major saves for his team. Thrasher attacked all out in the latter period but this player had an answer for each of their challenge. He also prevented Atlanta’s Ladd from making a net score after which Bolduc scored for his side on a counter attack a few minutes later. At western conference Vancouver is now 12 points clear of second-position Detroit. However, the coach was quick to point out that the season is still long and it is not yet the best to rest Luongo and other talented players.

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