An unofficial Grizzlies practice may be organized by Zach Randolph

One of the rules of the NBA lockout is that players are not allowed to meet or spend time with any of their team employees, but there is no rule preventing them from meeting their teammates. Players can continue socializing with their friends and teammates, party with them in their mansions, travel together, and do whatever activities they have in mind. They can continue living their lives – lives that other people can only dream of.

After a few months, though, they would really need to adjust since there will definitely be a great change in their off-season routines. The training camp that they used to have will likely to be postponed and move to a different time or schedule, which no one knows when until now, or at least until after the two parties work out a labor agreement, which they said that they are really working on to resolve. Therefore, with all of these, if players are concerned and still want to practice and work on plays and general on-court togetherness, then they just have to initiate it and do it amongst themselves and during their own time.

And of all people, those who are least expected, more often than not, surprise people. Zach Randolph is said to be thinking about calling the boys, the Grizzlies players, for a series of practice sessions. And this is really something good not just for Randolph but for the entire team.

From an interview that David Cassilo, Zach Randolph’s fellow Grizzlies, gave to Tony Allen for SLAM Online, he has mentioned that Zach just sent him a text message about him keeping in touch with the guys and getting all of them to gather in one city for a week or more or something and have some good rounds of practice. And David continued that he has no problems with it and he is just waiting for a confirmation within the week.

Just like what happened during the NFL lockout, most teams initiated their very own trainings and some minicamps so that players could be updated with the playbook. The NFL players practiced and had some sessions together while the union and the owners were still trying to work on a deal at that time.

Zach was maybe inspired by what the NFL players did during their very own lockout. Although NBA players do not need as much practice as the NFL players, it is a very good idea, nevertheless.

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