Are Phillies fit for the league with the loss of major players

Phillies are already strategizing for opens with the absence of second place All-Star rated Utley Chase. Phillies are likely to play without a second key player when the normal league begins. Favorite closer Lidge B was pulled down with shoulder strain; the right-hand man confirmed that he would start this years’ season upon DL; a move that was uploaded by the director Amaro Jr.

B Lidge who is now 34 yrs showed great concern over his injury admitting that he never experienced any shoulder problems in the better part of his career. The man failed to pitch for a maximum of two full weeks while paying attention to his biceps tendinitis injury. Later on Thursday, Lidge walked two while giving up double hits and then allowed 2/3 inning run against their challengers Twins; the game was played in Clearwater City.

After minor treatment the player still complained of pain and sporadic (posterior) shoulder uneasiness. He expressed dissatisfaction in the whole procedure saying it didn’t go as pre-planed even though the arising condition was somehow not identical to biceps tendinitis. An MRI for Lidge’s shoulder is being planned for next week but the Phillies are still chancing that it could be a structural problem.

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