Atlanta Hawks evaluates trade interest in Smith

The Atlanta Hawks has already started evaluating their trade interest on their forward Josh Smith. Smith, on the other hand, is not showing any reluctance, at all, of ending his seven long years of stay with his very own hometown team. This information came from a very reliable source.

Josh Smith has not requested for a trade just yet, but according to some sources he has secretly shared some information to a friend that if given the chance he would want to be a part of the following teams, Boston Celtics, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets, and the Orlando Magic. These four teams are said to be Smith’s preferred teams if ever Atlanta Hawks decide to trade him.

According the source there has been a growing bad feeling between the organization and Smith for some time now. But, even with this growing animosity, Smith had just one of his most complete seasons for the team. He had an average of 16.5 points with 8.5 rebounds, and 3.3 assists.

Another huge issue within the organization is the payroll. This is one thing that the Hawks is also very concerned about, especially with regard to Josh Smith’s contract. His contract says that he has two more years for the Hawks and he also has a remaining $25.6 million. This is a very attractive target for the team’s management to drop off. Another very difficult for the team to move is Joe Jonson’s contract which still has five years left and $110 million.

Although there are no serious meetings or discussions being made yet with regard to Smith’s trading, the Hawks are said to be looking at some of their veteran players who are near the end of their contracts.

The Atlanta Hawks management is definitely looking for a change and they are also very willing to get rid of Joe Johnson’s contract or trade Smith. But the team can not, of course, just give Smith away they have to have something in return.

Houston Rockets has actually showed some interest and is also very curious of what Josh Smith can do in their team. But, the Rockets actually has the same situation with Orlando and New Jersey, they just do not have the pieces and the thing that could make the trade. Rick Sund, GM of the Hawks, has been eyeing Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, two superstars who are also nearing the end of their contracts with the Boston Celtics.

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