Daymond Langkow gets a chance to revive his career

Should they stay or should they go? This is the question that Daymond Langkow and his wife has to ask themselves, after Langkow received a very important call from Jay Feaster, general manager of the Calgary Flames, telling him that they are sending him to the Phoenix Coyotes for winger Lee Stempniak. Langkow had a no-trade clause in his contract that is why he had to make a very crucial decision.

The Calgary Flames did nothing to Langkow but give him some of the best times in his career for the past six seasons. Langkow also posted the best statistics of his career in this team. But this is a great move that he is doing. He is more familiar with Phoenix, where he played for three seasons before. He will reunite with his friend and also a former teammate Shane Doan. With this move, the Coyotes will have more opportunities at center.

But above all else, the most important factor here is that this is a team that wants him. Aside from the fact that the team is willing to take on his contract, which has a year left and which is equivalent to $4.5 million, Don Maloney, the general manager of the Phoenix is looking at a longer term.

It was March 21, 2010, when Daymond Langkow had to call his wife from an ambulance just to tell her not to worry and that he is fine.

Something happened that day during a play and Langkow suffered a fractured vertebra and a damaged spinal cord.

But he was very determined not to let his accident take a toll on his career.

It was not an easy road for Langkow. He may be very determined and optimistic, but he did not foresee the obstacles along the way. Almost the same time last year, Langkow thought he was doing all right and improving. But he realized the hard way that becoming 100% again after a very serious injury is not something that one can recover overnight, it takes a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of patience and determination.

And now that he is at his best, this is also the perfect time that he is moving to Phoenix, where he can rise from the ashes. Daymond Langkow is turning 35 this month but he is a very hard-playing, two-way centerman, and it seems like things are working out for Langkow since the Coyotes has a huge hole in the middle.

The NBA players’ can win the PR war, but they also have to try to clean up the mess

The Children are back to school, the NFL is almost about to start as well as the NCAA. The month of September is just a few days away and the NBA is still not advancing with their bargaining with the players. Just a month from now, training camps are supposed to start. But the lockout is now in its second month and there are no accomplishments whatsoever.

There are no communication or dialogue going on from both sides and David Stern and all the NBA owners have not gone over the top with their case yet, and also not a lot of efforts from the players’ side.

With Fisher leading the players, the union gave out a 56-page lockout handbook to all its 400 or more players. And one of the many things included in the book is a very simple reminder for players to be extra sensitive when giving interviews or talking to the media and granting some interviews.

What happened in 1998 was a different thing. And this year’s lockout is clearly the owners’ fault. But if the lockout continues and would result some missed games, then it would be the players’ fault.

The owners had the blueprint in place where the 1999 era collective bargaining agreement is written, and states that owners have the right to keep players’ salaries under control and say “no” when it comes to deals with some overpaid players, and signing up a replacement for a very reasonable half price.

This lockout is the owners’ fault because they bargained a bad deal.

The burden somehow lies to the players, especially since they owe the league and the game so much. They also owe it to all the incoming players, as well as to future employees that would definitely feel the impact and the pain of this bad deal.

The players have given up a bit, though, and now is the time for the other side to do something. This is the owners’ fault and their mess. But if the players want to keep goodwill then they also have to do something. They have to understand the situation and what to do about it. Times are different.

This time more people are involved, especially with the Internet and the mobile phones and other gadgets are very accessible. And somehow, all these bring people closer together. And though people understand that the players do not have the obligation to settle, but their obligation is with the people, and those who came before them. This may be the owners’ mess, but this is the players’ duty.

The Eagles give a new six-year, $100 million contract to Michael Vick

An NFL contract that has nine digits is a very rare thing. It is very seldom or almost non-existent for a player to have a nine-digit worth contract. And to everybody’s surprise, Michael Vick is the first ever NFL player in the history of the league to collect, not just one but two millions of dollars worth of contract in his NFL career.

For those who can remember, in 2004 Vick signed a $130 million deal, and this was with the Atlanta Falcons. This whole deal went wrong for a number of reasons. And after seven long years, which is like a lifetime for Vick, it has happened again, he has just signed a six-year, $100 million deal with more or less $40 million guaranteed. This agreement would average to $16 million in each of the first three years.

According to the terms of the new CBA, using the franchise tag on Vick this time was going to cost the Eagles $16.057. And, according to Andrew Brandt of The National Football Posts Vick’s cap number will increase from $14.4 million in 2011 to $16.2 million.

This deal, according to a number of reliable sources, is not backloaded. Vick, from the report, has a possibility of earning as high as $16.7 million per season in each of the next three seasons, and this is really something else.

Vick went through a lot, he played as backup for the Eagles in 200p and he was also arrested and had to spend almost two years in federal prison in 2010 for dogfighting. Vick surprised a lot of people, when he brought a new version of himself to the fields. And with only 12 games, Vick passed for 3,018 yards and 21 touchdowns, 233 completions and 373 attempts. Vick also had some injuries due to his very physical and run-heavy style of playing, and at 31 he needs to change his style in due course.

Vick was just given the key to a new playing style, courtesy of Eagles head coach, Andy Reid, and offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg. This is the reason why last year, Vick was not as frantic when he was in and out of the pocket than he used to when he was still playing with the Atlanta Falcons from 2001 through 2006.

With this deal, though, the Eagles is left with approximately $4 million under the present salary cap. And the next project or challenge for the Eagles to sign receiver DeSean Jackson to a very long-term deal just before he becomes a free agent in 2012.

Numerology explained Ron Artest’s new number

Ron Artest, unfortunately, can not have his new name yet. Artest has to wait for a few more weeks, due to the state of California’s draconian ticket laws, before he becomes Metta World Peace. But, the good news is that the name will be his just after some weeks.

In an interview, Mr. Metta World Peace will not just return to the court after a very long break but he would also have a new number. He will now have number 70. And for those who are curious as to what this number means to Artest and to numerology then everything was explained.

Artest said in an interview that he is changing his number not for anything else but for the universe. He said that everything repeats itself but the universe is one. It is the same thing. He just wants to promote healthy minds and keeping the kids positive.

For some who laughed when they heard Artest’s interview, then the whole changing of the number idea is actually technically correct and it does makes sense to the universe. The number 70 is really very significant to the universe. Trey Kerby made a research about this, although not a very thorough one but enough to explain the reason behind the very mysterious number 70.

One of the basic meanings of the number 70 is the totality of an evolution, a very complete evolutionary cycle. And this is all according to Saint Augustin.

And based on the Lakers’ current status, this makes sense. Since without Phil Jackson, the period of the triangle offense is dead.

And the corresponding Hebraic letter is hain, which corresponded to the sixteenth mystery in the Tarot card, which is the house-God, the symbol of fall, collapse, and so on.

There are also some biblical explanations about the number 70. One good example is that Jacob has 70 children. And these children or peoples were also separated or dispersed when the tower of Babel fell down.

There are actually more meanings or representations to the number 70 in other cultures and some world facts. And people would really be surprised to know all of these. They might even begin to believe all of the things that Artest is presenting to the world.

Mohammed was also believed to have seen an angel with 70 heads with one mouth on each one. Another, the face of the Almighty was also covered of 70 sails so that no one would see him. Also, water represents 70 percent of the surface of the Earth, this and more are some of the things that Artest are using as bases for his number change.

Dwight Howard seeks the help of a free-throw master

Dwight Howard’s free-throw percentages are not improving at all, for seven seasons now. He could already be playing for a hall of fame career. And because of this Howard decided to, at last, seek the help of a free-throw guru to teach him a thing or two.

This Orlando Magic superstar center is really one of the most well-liked players in the league these days. He is Mr. Nice Guy and also a very willing learner. He is also known as a dominant force defensively, but what most people often notice is that he is, no doubt, a terrible free-throw shooter. Although, Howard’s free-throwing ability is bad, this can not be considered as his Achilles’ heel. But, a lot of people would agree that if he make even just three-quarters of his gimmie attempts, this would help not just him but his teammates as well, and the whole team.

Howard is stuck at just below 58 percent, and he even got only 52 percent, which is his career low and his highest was 62 percent. This is really tough for Howard, and to think he is actually not bad, he can stick a very good elbow under the ball, and he has great strokes.

This is where the famous Ed Palubinskas come in. Palubinskas promises that he can make Howard, at the very least, the next Patrick Ewing. Shaquille O’Neal who also had the same problems as Howard also sought Palubinskas’ help.

According to some sources, Palubinskas said that he would completely change Howard’s numbers in less than a week. And he also said that people would hardly recognize him.

Palubinskas said that Howard just needs some techniques and practices. His mechanics are flawed and his shooting elbow sticks way out very often. Another problem that Howard has is that he does not use the same routine consistently. Palubinskas also said that Howard needs a lot of help with his knee-bend bounce before he shoots.

Dwight Howard, the Defensive Player of the Year, just made a very smart move. Some may think that this is a very small thing but more free-throws mean better scores, for the player and, of course, for the entire team.

This is really a very good move for Dwight Howard. If he pursues this and he would really give his best in honing his free-throw skills, then the best center of the league would be more unbeatable. This is also definitely a very good new for the team.

Wade and James talk about chemistry

The biggest criticism that the Miami Heat received last season has something to do with their two superstar players. Last season, a lot of people believe that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James seemed to be taking turns in running the game, which should not be the case. The team made it to the Finals and went through a lot of things along the way, but somewhere towards the end they lost their offensive chemistry.

Months and months before the championship everybody was talking about the team up of Wade and James plus Bosh. But to those who tuned in and watched all the games of the Heat would definitely notice that the Wade and James tandem is not exactly like the kind of partnership that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen has. They were really like ham and eggs, a phrase that most people, including Jordan and Pippen, used to describe their chemistry.

According to Wade, though, this notion that other people have about their tandem are just their perception and a bunch of media chatter. He said that there is nothing wrong with their chemistry. He even thought that they did a good job. And as a proof, Wade continued, James was still third in the league in terms of scoring and he was in fourth place.

Wade also said during the interview for his charity event that he and James are very good friends. And that they have the same goal and that is to work very hard to make everything work for their teammates and to be successful.

This is a way is very true, especially since champions are definitely not made overnight. No matter how great the players are, chemistry is something that develops over time.

Another reason could be that players like Wade, James and Bryant who played in the late summer of 2008 during the excursions together with the Team USA, do not know what to do with players who are of the same breed as they are.

So the lack of cohesion in the team is something that players and the whole team and management have to really work on. But whatever it is, Wade and James have to figure it out themselves. They should work hard together and stop wasting each others’ time by having the same “my turn, your turn” kind of style. This kind of style allowed the team to win a lot of games but it is also the cause of their downfall.

No tattoos for Cam Newton according to Jerry Richardson

The owner of the Carolina Panthers, aside from other house rules and agreements, has asked the number one draft pick Cam Newton one thing, and that is for him to stay clear of any kind of tattoos as well as some piercings.

During their first meeting, one of the very first questions that Richardson asked from the star quarterback is whether he has some tattoos of any kind in his body or some piercings, and to Richardson’s relief, Newton said “No, sir.” And Richardson made it clear to Newton that he wants for him to stay that way.

Some people may think that Richardson is being biased, especially since most of his players right now have tattoos all over their body and one or more piercings. But, being the owner and the man who runs the team, he has every right to ask things like this from his players, this is not unfair.

People who are working know for a fact that things like this happen in the work place all the time. Some people might wonder why a certain person who has tattoos all over his arms wear long sleeves the entire day at the office even during the hottest day of summer, it is because it is the rule. Some girls are not allowed to wear jeans and shirt in some offices or firms. Some people, whether they like it or not, there are rules that need to be followed. And since Cam Newton is getting $22 million over the next for years, he could not argue with the man who signs his checks if he said no tattoos or piercings. Newton actually has nothing to complain about this, it is not as if not having a tattoo violates his human rights or something. This is actually a very small request.

A lot of people actually like Newton looking so neat and clean, unlike other athletes, and this actually makes him stand out.

Although most athletes and even celebrities have all kinds of tattoos all over their body nowadays, this is all but a trend. And trends fade and die. Maybe someday soon the clean look will be the trend. Nothing lasts forever. Kevin Durant has actually left his arms tattoo-free, though he has some on his chest, but there is always a need for one person to start a trend and in this case it could be Cam Newton.

NBA players to go overseas during the lockout

Kobe Bryant has not finalized anything just yet. Dwyane Wade, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found. Two big names from the NBA are appearing on “Law and Order,” Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. Kevin Love has already taken up pro volleyball. These are just few of the NBA players who have already thought or done something while the lockout is still on. Though, there are a lot of names coming up and rumors of NBA players going overseas, there is no migration of players going on.

So far, the biggest name in the NBA, according to a report by Adrian Wjnarowski, who made the biggest jump, is the former Golden State Warriors scoring forward Reggie Williams. He was also just named as one of the small forwards in the NBA last year. Williams is said to be playing in the Spanish League this year. He already made everything official, and he received a very big buyout clause. Williams will do well with what he has received, so even if the lockout will end and the NBA season this year will resume, Williams will stay overseas to play full season.

Another report also confirmed that the 2010 Final Four Most Outstanding Player, Duke product, and the second round pick of the Detroit Pistons Kyle Singler will also play in the Spanish League. Although Singler was really not the highest choice, especially since the former USC forward and the 16th overall selection of the Philadelphia 76ers Nikola Vucevic will be going home in his native place of Montenegro, to play during the lockout, Singler was signed anyway.

Recently, Marc Stein of also relayed that Omri Casspi, forward for the Cavaliers, might also fly to France and join Tony Parker’s team. Although, Parker does not really have an intention of playing for the French team, but if the lockout continues and players, like Casspi, are showing a lot of interests in playing for the team, then he might just change his mind, pack his bags, and play for his very own French team.

Other names that came up who are said to be considering of playing for Spain are Rasual Butler, Hawks’ second-rounder, Keith Benson, and Pooh Jeter.

More or less, this is the whole scenario. The names mentioned are almost about to sign up or just about to close some deals, while the others are already 100% in. But aside from these, no other names are mentioned, but it is just late August, a lot of things could still happen next month.

A Female Hockey Player will Join Battle of the Blades

Tessa Bonhomme, a female hockey player, will skate for the very first in Battle of the Blades, a CBC reality series. Bonhomme is said to join the TV show this fall.

Bonhomme is actually an Olympic gold medalist and also a member of the Canadian national women’s hockey team. According to some sources, Bonhomme will be paired with another Olympic medalist, a gold medalist, figure skater David Pelletier. Their partnership and skills will be tested when the third season of the Battle of the Blades starts this coming September 18.

The CBC reality series really asks professional hockey players to sign up for the show and figure skate with only the best figure skaters of the world.

Some Canadian fans who watched the previous seasons of Battle of the Blades were really amazed by seeing NHL superstars like Todd Warriner and last season’s winner Valeri Bure having all the grace as well as the artistry that best figure skaters show on the ice.

Bonhomme was a member of Canada’s gold medal-winning women’s hockey team during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. And, just like some of her teammates, she has also been a trailblazer for the women’s hockey.

Bonhomme is very excited to take on NHL players and also show them that women’s hockey has come a long way. She also feels that she will be representing the women, as well as every girl that plays hockey in Canada. Bonhomme also believes that she and her partner, David Pelletier, is the team to beat or what others call as the dream team.

Some of the big names who will be joining this season of the Battle of the Blades are former Toronto Maple Leaf Bryan Berard and also the legendary brawler Wade Bleak, who has played for both the Calgary Flames and the Leafs. These Battle of the Blades competitors are not easy beat. They would definitely put up a good fight and this would give fans of the show a very good competition and an exciting show to watch.

Aside from the big names mentioned, there are other great hockey players who signed up for the show as well as big names in the world of figure skating.

All of the teams will be competing for a $100,000 first prize, which will be given to their favorite charity, and the elimination competition series will be shown every Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBC-TV, and the live results will be every Monday, also at 8 p.m.

Wade goes back to court for his fantasy camp

The inauguration of the Dwyane Wade Fantasy Camp just took place with 100 or so men who are between 35 to 68 years old. These people will spend four days with Dwyane Wade himself together with Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, Miami Hurricanes coach Jim Larranaga, Florida Atlantic coach Mike Jarvis, former Duke star Jay Williams and a lot more. All of the activities will take place at the very luxurious Miami Beach hotel and each person costs $12,500.

Wade’s coach, coach Crean, at Marquette and now coach at Indiana said that he loves Wade both as a player and as a person. He also said that he is inspired by all of Wade’s projects and he looks up to him as a person, as a man, a father, and as a businessman.

And all of these campers will see a glimpse of all the things that coach Crean sees in Wade, up close and personal.

The Miami Heat superstar guard will mingle with all the guys, pose for some picture taking sessions with them, tease them about their games and give them some tips, and a lot of other things. On the first full days of the camp, Wade and Crean will spend more than 30 minutes just breaking down the aspects of pick-and-roll offense, and then they would entertain questions from the boys, after the campers would be given the chance to play some games.

All of these things are happening inside a huge hotel ballroom, with three full courts set up inside.

One part of the Friday session was a question and answer time with Wade, where he answered all of the questions the campers asked. The campers can ask Wade whatever question they have about basketball.

Wade also shared to his campers that his teammates with the Heat, especially LeBron James and Chris Bosh, will join him in all kinds of activities just for them to improve and be better. This is what Wade was trying to emphasize to his campers, that no matter how good you are now there is always room for improvement.

He also shared to his campers that the only way for Miami Heat to be better and win all their games is for him to come back better, for LeBron to come back better, and for Chris to come back better. And he also stressed that at the end of the day it is all about individual success, as well as team success. And he ended by saying that team success is always way better.