Is there any sport better than basketball? is packed with basketball news and daily updates. We give you all the odds from the NBA, all the news, the inside info and so on. If there is anything in the world we have a little bit of extra passion for – it’s basket ball.

Basketball is one of the most loved sports in the United States. Thousands of people pay for event tickets to watch people like LeBron, Kobe and others showcase their skills on the court. The main aim of this game is to make more nets than the opponent. One tries to throw the basketball into challenger’s basket from the top while also preventing them from doing the same to you. There are two main bodies that govern basketball playoffs; these are FIBA and NBA. The latter is mainly concerned with club matches around countries while FIBA deals with international contests.

A few months ago FIBA introduced new regulations to standardize women basketball matches. A revised document underlined the importance of using opportunities brought about by FIBA to enhance and promote participation of females in the lovely game. However, balance between the two sides would be considered such that one side is not given an upper hand while the other utterly neglected. The organization agreed to promote female players, administrators and referees act as icons for young women. There was also a need to make opportunities for young girls to actively play basketball as one of the most essential component in ensuring good health and well-being.

Moreover, the organization promised the entire basketball fraternity to improve women’s space in the game through some stringent measures that were taken. Increased activities, programs and resource allocation that would benefit players were introduced. It was decided that female basketball challenges at all FIBA countries in both local and national levels would be improved. This would take place across all clubs and other recognized community structures. To add on, women would be integrated into various administrative or governance posts of the game. These would include basketball commission structures amongst others. FIBA headquarters based in Geneva showed concern in court testing and thorough discussions on some key issues. The basket height would be partially lowered for women only; this would take place for officially recognized contests.  A special project for formulating female basketball reporters would be introduced and also customization and regulation of female players’ jerseys put in place. The firm also agreed to set up cross-continental women coaching camps resembling those of ‘basketball lacking borders.’

Officials agreed that the points raised are beneficial but would success of the project would only be talked about when raised measures have already been implemented; it would take hard work and determination to ensure that these points are acted upon to benefit key stakeholders.  It was also found that not enough countries have women participants in major leagues as compared to their male counterparts. This factor decreases the appeal of women basketball across the world. However, calendar revision and change in players’ dress code is just a tip of the iceberg on major changes that would follow in the future.

In summery, women Basket ball is at its infancy and concerned officials are trying their level best to popularize this sport to resemble the male game. Here, you’ll find the most updated news concerning both basketball played by both genders.