Calgary Flames send Robyn Regehr to the Buffalo Sabres

Robyn Regehr made two teams and one all-star player very happy because of one very difficult decision.

The Calgary Flames just sent their veteran player and defenseman to the Buffalo Sabres. This all happened after Regehr waived his no-trade clause. And because of this giant move, the Calgary Flames re-signed their left wing Alex Tanguay to a five-year contract that is worth $17.5 million. This is something that would definitely make Tanguay a very happy man.

Robyn Regehr spent 12 years of his amazing career in the NHL with the same team, the Calgary Flames, this is something that is very hard to find these days, especially since players move from one team to another easily in almost all kinds of sports. Regehr served the Calgary Flames as an alternate captain and he is known to bring a lot of grit to the blue line, although he really does not do much offensively. Jay Feaster, the general manager of the Calgary Flames, expressed his willingness to let go of his no-trade clause during his exit interview.

This same situation already happened to Feaster with Brad Richards in Tampa Bay. So, this is really not new to him and he already knows how to handle such situation.

Possibly, one person who is very pleased with all of these is Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames captain. Iginla could be very excited by the turn of the events since he was the one who really lobbied his team very hard just to re-sign Tanguay.

The management decided to finally re-sign Tanguay, who is now 32 years old and has 686 points over 818 of his career in the NHL games, because they think that he is a better option at his position compared to all of the available and unrestricted free agents or players who will hit the market soon.

Right now, the Calgary Flames can go on and be more aggressive in free agency to find a replacement for Regehr’s spot on the blue line.

And because of Regehr’s flexibility another man is very happy and that is Buffalo Sabre’s general manager, Darcy Regier. He was really very pleased with everything that happened.

Terry Pegula, the Pennsylvania billionaire will fly and personally meet up with Regehr. Regehr has been granted the freedom to aggressively improve the roster as much as he can, and this is really making the new owner, Terry Pegula, very pleased.

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