The Eagles give a new six-year, $100 million contract to Michael Vick

An NFL contract that has nine digits is a very rare thing. It is very seldom or almost non-existent for a player to have a nine-digit worth contract. And to everybody’s surprise, Michael Vick is the first ever NFL player in the history of the league to collect, not just one but two millions of dollars worth of contract in his NFL career.

For those who can remember, in 2004 Vick signed a $130 million deal, and this was with the Atlanta Falcons. This whole deal went wrong for a number of reasons. And after seven long years, which is like a lifetime for Vick, it has happened again, he has just signed a six-year, $100 million deal with more or less $40 million guaranteed. This agreement would average to $16 million in each of the first three years.

According to the terms of the new CBA, using the franchise tag on Vick this time was going to cost the Eagles $16.057. And, according to Andrew Brandt of The National Football Posts Vick’s cap number will increase from $14.4 million in 2011 to $16.2 million.

This deal, according to a number of reliable sources, is not backloaded. Vick, from the report, has a possibility of earning as high as $16.7 million per season in each of the next three seasons, and this is really something else.

Vick went through a lot, he played as backup for the Eagles in 200p and he was also arrested and had to spend almost two years in federal prison in 2010 for dogfighting. Vick surprised a lot of people, when he brought a new version of himself to the fields. And with only 12 games, Vick passed for 3,018 yards and 21 touchdowns, 233 completions and 373 attempts. Vick also had some injuries due to his very physical and run-heavy style of playing, and at 31 he needs to change his style in due course.

Vick was just given the key to a new playing style, courtesy of Eagles head coach, Andy Reid, and offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg. This is the reason why last year, Vick was not as frantic when he was in and out of the pocket than he used to when he was still playing with the Atlanta Falcons from 2001 through 2006.

With this deal, though, the Eagles is left with approximately $4 million under the present salary cap. And the next project or challenge for the Eagles to sign receiver DeSean Jackson to a very long-term deal just before he becomes a free agent in 2012.

No tattoos for Cam Newton according to Jerry Richardson

The owner of the Carolina Panthers, aside from other house rules and agreements, has asked the number one draft pick Cam Newton one thing, and that is for him to stay clear of any kind of tattoos as well as some piercings.

During their first meeting, one of the very first questions that Richardson asked from the star quarterback is whether he has some tattoos of any kind in his body or some piercings, and to Richardson’s relief, Newton said “No, sir.” And Richardson made it clear to Newton that he wants for him to stay that way.

Some people may think that Richardson is being biased, especially since most of his players right now have tattoos all over their body and one or more piercings. But, being the owner and the man who runs the team, he has every right to ask things like this from his players, this is not unfair.

People who are working know for a fact that things like this happen in the work place all the time. Some people might wonder why a certain person who has tattoos all over his arms wear long sleeves the entire day at the office even during the hottest day of summer, it is because it is the rule. Some girls are not allowed to wear jeans and shirt in some offices or firms. Some people, whether they like it or not, there are rules that need to be followed. And since Cam Newton is getting $22 million over the next for years, he could not argue with the man who signs his checks if he said no tattoos or piercings. Newton actually has nothing to complain about this, it is not as if not having a tattoo violates his human rights or something. This is actually a very small request.

A lot of people actually like Newton looking so neat and clean, unlike other athletes, and this actually makes him stand out.

Although most athletes and even celebrities have all kinds of tattoos all over their body nowadays, this is all but a trend. And trends fade and die. Maybe someday soon the clean look will be the trend. Nothing lasts forever. Kevin Durant has actually left his arms tattoo-free, though he has some on his chest, but there is always a need for one person to start a trend and in this case it could be Cam Newton.

Fitzgerald gets a new 8-year, $120 million deal with the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals just ensured the future of their passing offense by keeping one of their key payers and the one thing that they could not do without. Recently, the Cardinals just made an announcement that they already signed Fitzgerald to an 8-year deal which is equivalent to $120 million, and with an almost $50 million guaranteed. This deal also means that Fitzgerald has to remain in the team until the 2018 season. And with this deal Fitzgerald just became the highest paid player in the NFL history, and he is not even a quarterback. According to John Clayton of, at present only Peyton and Eli Manning, Tom Brady and Philip Rivers have a higher average income than Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald was picked third overall by Arizona seven years ago. And since then he has made 613 catches for 8204 yards, a 13.4 per-catch average, and also 65 touchdowns.

When Fitzgerald was interviewed earlier this year, he told the reporters that he was very uncertain about his future, but even there were some serious and sensitive topics during the discussion he was still very calm and kept his classy demeanor.

Fitzgerald said that Coach Whisenhunt and all his staff have a very good grasp of all the things that would make the team win. He also said that he really like playing for them, and for Arizona. He also announced that he hopes to end his career with the Cardinals and play for them all throughout.

He was supposed to be a free agent after the 2011 season, and there was eve a provision stated in his present contract preventing the Cardinals from franchising him in 2012.

The Cardinals also traded a second-round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Kolb is expected to bring back the golden years of the Cardinals which Kurt Warner did a few years back. Although, people know Kolb is not as good as Warner, but he has Warner’s primary weapon at his disposal.

For people who need proof as to the excellence of Fitzgerald then one of the examples was when he caught 90 passes for 1137 yards and six touchdowns with a quarterback rotation of John Skelton, Derek Anderson, and Max Hall, in 2010.

With the signing of Fitzgerald, the Cardinals still has some remaining offensive questions. The team still lacks true complementary receivers to remove the pressure off from Fitzgerald, so the offensive line remains a work in progress.

Mike Reinfeldt, Titans GM, will make Chris Johnson the highest-paid RB in the NFL’s

The Titans are going to make Chris Johnson the highest-paid running back in the history of the NFL. And all he has to do is show up in camp so that the management can finalize the agreement.

Mike Reinfeldt, general manager of the Titans, told The Associated Press that Johnson’s agent was the very first person they contacted, right after the NFL lockout was over. The Titans reworked Johnson’s contract last year just to give him more money in 2010, and after that they promised him that they would discuss again after a year.

The Titans have one request, though, and that is for Johnson to join the training camp before completing a new extension.

In 2008, Johnson was the 24th overall pick. But he has more yards rushing, 4598, compared to other running back in the league over the past years. He was the sixth player in the history of the league to run at least 2,000 yards two years ago. Johnson is also a three-time Pro Bowler. Johnson is due more than $1 million instead of just the $850,000, thanks to the Titans’ changes in 2010.

Johnson refused to say anything until he gets his new contract, although he already actually took part in a two-day player-organized minicamp two months ago. Johnson has mentioned before that he would like a $30 million guaranteed for his new contract last year.

With regard to the framework and other details of Johnson’s new deal, Reinfeldt said that the management and Johnson and his agent already talked about it. And as for the extension, it can be wrapped up in a couple of weeks or so.

This week the Titans and Johnson’s agent still have some things to discuss, but these would just be minor things as the most important items are already discussed and sealed. The Titans, though, would want Johnson to join the camp before going into the final negotiations.

This issue has been talked about for quite some time now, among the fans, and all over twitter and other very popular social networking sites. Some fans are making a buzz about the Titans not giving Johnson what he wants, in terms of salary.

The Tennessee officials, in fact, do not like talking about contract negotiations and other money matters, they especially do not like talking or confirming about the players’ salary. According to Reinfeldt, these kinds of talks would just poison relationships.

Tarvaris Jackson happy about legit shot with the Seattle Seahawks

When Tarvaris Jackson was still an obscure college passer at Alabama State, he was very known to have a very hot temper, and he never tried to hide it.

The Seattle Seahawks’ anointed successor to Matt Hasselbeck, their longtime quarterback, is a changed man. He is a lot mellower now, and really nothing compared to before. This is really a very good thing since there was a time during the past three seasons with the Minnesota Vikings when Jackson received a dismissive treatment from ex-coach Brad Childress. If this kind of situation happened before then it would be expected that Jackson would definitely give Childress a Christian Bale-sized fit of temper.

And since he is a changed man, he did what a professional and matured player is supposed to do. He remained calm and managed to go out in his own terms.

And just recently, Jackson, a free agent, signed to a 2-year, $8-million contract with the Hawks. And three days after the signing, Seattle Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll made a surprise announcement by naming Tarvaris Jackson as his unequivocal starter.

The Seahawks’ look at Jackson’s presence to the team is a stab at stability. And although Hasselbeck already spent ten years with the Seattle Seahawks, as the starter, and not to mention him performing brilliantly during the Hawks’ amazing playoff upset of the New Orleans Saints at the start of the year, he is, undeniably, 35 years old and he had a lot of injuries, these two things are the major reasons why Carroll and Schneider are less attracted to keep him, especially now that they are preparing or the second season.

There are two more reasons why both the coach and the general manager were convinced and have decided to prefer Jackson over Hasselbeck, who actually already signed with the Tennessee Titans, are the presence of Darrell Bevell, offensive coordinator, whom Carroll employed after cutting ties with Jeremy Bates at the start of the year, and, of course, another reason is the lockout-induced lack of offseason program.

Jackson’s combination of mobility and arm strength made a lot of impressions. And after starting the final two games of his rookie season, Tarvaris Jackson became the Viking’s starter in 2007, throwing only nine touchdowns and twelve interceptions as Minnesota got 8-8.

This was the time that Childress began treating Jackson like a girlfriend he wants to dump at a school dance. But now as the opener of the Seahawk’s preseason against the San Diego Chargers, Tarvaris Jackson will show everybody that he is ready to be the quarterback everybody expected him to be.

John Beck walks as if he’s Redskins’ top QB

This summer, somehow, John Beck just became the Washington Redskins’ quarterback.

How this happened is not clear to a lot of people. Even t Mike Shanahan, Redskins coach, stirred the idea during the draft when he talked about Beck’s potential and did not choose a quarterback. That sort of endorsement and the impending dismissal of Donovan McNabb as well as the free agency of Rex Grossman, all of these gave a glimmer of hope to the almost 30-year-old player with all of four losing starts and 60 thrown NF passes to his name.

And without question, John Beck is definitely going to grab the opportunity.

And with everybody’s surprise, Beck was on the radio and broadcasting to the whole world that he has been trying to be the starting quarterback ever since he can remember.

So, for those who are really not very familiar, who exactly is John Beck?

To start, Beck is oozing with confidence, no question about it.

According to receiver Antony Armstrong, John Beck is relentless, and even during the lockout Armstrong said that Beck has been sending him numerous text messages as well as phone calls wanting to talk about plays and formations.

This is something that is very remarkable about Beck, especially if people know that Armstrong lives in the D.C. area during the summer, while Beck was in San Diego. And that meant that Beck has to fly using his own money, and he did it not just once but several times, just to throw to receivers. And for Beck, all of these are nothing compared to having the chance of a lifetime.

Another instance, Leonard Hankerson, just drafted by the Redskins from the University of Miami, has received a phone call from Beck one day asking him of his complete home address, and just a couple of days after, Hankerson received a package from UPS with all the photocopies of all the plays from the team’s playbook.

Niles Paul, a receiver from Nebraska, also experienced the same thing. He also received a package from Beck, a binder of plays. And one time, Hankerson decided to visit Beck in San Diego and the two worked on pass plays every single day. This is the kind of dedication that Jon Beck gives to his team, and to his career. And if this is not enough, then he would still be willing to go an extra mile, he does not care whether he has to spend extra, or exert more effort, what is important for him is his dream and to be the best.

Chad Ochocinco should shut down Twitter in New England

For those who know Chad Ochocinco well, they would know that he spent his whole NFL career yelling every chance he has just to get all the attention that he needs. He is doing this for him to earn respect and he will pretty much do just about anything to get what he wants, and he has proven this time and time again. People can either love him or hate him, and some just do not get him. But does he care?

Chad has tried all the gimmick there is he even changed his very own name to match his uniform number this is something that nobody has ever tried. Chad Ochocinco has also appeared in one of the most popular reality TV shows, “Dancing with the Stars.” Some people could also remember Chad riding a bull for 1.5 seconds at a professional bull rider’s event. He even tried racing with a thoroughbred, and with a good head start, he won. He is also known to appear in so many reality TV shows, and also has a number of TV appearances, especially talk shows. He even has his own online news network and some people may believe it or not but he has almost 30,000 tweets.

Now Chad is given the time to step back from all his showmanship and to shut off his Twitter feed. He also has to remind all the people that behind the charade there is substance.

Ochocinco never had a problem on or even off the field. He has never been out of shape all his life. He never lacked the will to win, he is always very passionate. Chad does not need any motivation or even a new work ethic.

Ochocinco has played very hard all the time. Belichick has been very proud of Chad Ochocinco for years and years now because the New England coach know and respect that in Ochocinco’s heart of hearts, he really loves the game so much.

This time Chad does not need to do anything to get all the attention or to have the spotlight.

Chad tweeted “God is good,” he posted this after the deal was finalized.

There is actually nothing wrong about promoting one’s self. Sports is also an entertainment business and Ochocinco is just doing what other athletes are doing, he is just following the path to fame and fortune.

If he will just be a humble guy, then he would be a good player, but he would never be as popular as he is right now.

The Panthers’ Johnson Gets a $72 Million Deal

The Carolina Panthers get to keep their prized free agent Charles Johnson with a $72 million deal. The deal, finalized last night is spread over 6 years with a signing bonus of a cool $30 million. Johnson plans to sign the new contract on Friday.

Johnson couldn’t resist the offer saying, “Could you have turned that down?” He had to turn down Atlanta and Denver, both of whom were intent on signing him up.

The Panthers management came after their top defensive end, hard, not sparing general manager Marty Hurney, coach Ron Rivera and members of the Panthers defensive staff. They all traveled to Miami to press Johnson to stay. Their efforts were well worth it as Johnson was, in his own words, “blown away” with the resulting deal.

Johnson was impressed with the full entourage who came to show respect and to make him feel an important part of the team. He said he wanted to show that respect back saying, “It wasn’t a hard decision for me to leave because I am tied into Charlotte.”

Johnson is from Hawkinsville, Georgia and members of his family were more inclined  for him to play with Atlanta for him to be closer to home. “But I think they understand.” he says of their reaction to his decision. And once the Atlanta Falcons heard of the money being offered, they backed off.

The breakout season for Johnson with the Panthers was in 2010 when he recorded 11.5 sacks and 61 tackles as starter.

Although Johnson signs the contract on Friday, he will join practices and training starting August 4, following new rules in the league.

Football’s Back!

The National Football League’s first ever work stoppage since 1987 has come to an end with Commissioner Roger Goodell saying “Football’s back.”  The lockout in negotiations began in March this year and was concluded with a 10-year deal agreed upon with the NFL Players Association yesterday afternoon.

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith said during a brief appearance, “I know it has been a very long process since the day we stood here that night in March. But our guys stood together when nobody thought we would. And football is back because of it.” The old collective bargaining agreement expired on March 11, causing owners to lock out their players in the longest labor dispute in the league’s history.

As early as Thursday last week, owners had approved a new proposal intending to end the dispute but both sides worked through the weekend to finalize the agreement to satisfy the players’ demands.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft apologized to the fans for the last five months tackling the business side of football but was optimistic about the results, “We’ve been able to have an agreement that I think is going to allow this sport to flourish over the next decade.”

Starting today, players can start showing up in their team facilities for physicals and start of training. Teams can also start negotiations with free agents but sign ups don’t happen until Friday. Admittedly, there is a furious rush to start on the work left unattended since the beginning of the lockout, now that talks have returned from the negotiating table back into the field.

Plaxico Burress Considers Bears

When the NFL labor woes are resolved, Plaxico Burress has said on Tuesday they he will decide if the Chicago Bears are one of the top three teams he’ll consider as a free agent.

Burress, has not played a game since August 2008 after serving nearly two years for carrying an unlicensed gun after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh in a New York nightclub.

“Oh without question, without a doubt (the Bears are among his top three chioces), “Burress said on “The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show” on ESPN 1000. “My decision making is going to come down to what I said, playing with an elite quarterback, playing with a running game, playing with a great tight end, and Greg Olsen is already that guy, in my estimation he’ll be a Pro Bowler this season.

“That’s the same situation I went into when I made my decision to go to New York (to play with the Giants), and it’s a pretty similar situation.”

Burress also acknowledged Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte.

“As a receiver, I have a lot of respect for Jay Cutler,” he said. “I feel he’s a phenomenal talent. With the right tools in place… I think he can go all the way to the top.”

The Bears have not indicated that they would be interested in Burress, although linebacker Brian Urlacher recently said that Burress would be welcomed in the Bears’ locker room.

“I’m a big fan of his,” Urlacher said on ESPN 1000′s “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on June 23. “Always been a big fan of his, football wise. Every time he plays against us, he gives us fits. He’s a tough matchup for any corner. He’s a big guy (6-foot-5, 232 pounds), good red-zone guy. I don’t know how fast he is, but that doesn’t really matter when you’re that good.”

Many Bears fans have expressed their approval of Burress through Twitter which seems to have made an impact.

“It’s just been love,” Burress said. “And that’s what I love about the whole situation. Any city that you go to, you want to be embraced by the fans and by the city. And that really plays a lot into the decision making, going into a great organization.”

“As a player you just want to be embraced. That’s what I love about Chicago fans, they’re passionate about football, they’re passionate about their sports, their passionate about their basketball. It’s one of the best cities in the world.”

Many believe that it is very possible that Burress will end up with his close friend Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I can’t say where I’m already going,” Burress said. “There are a lot of situations for me to go into. It’s not solely going to be based on how much I’m going to be making. It’s going to be based on me putting myself in a great situation. Me going to a city where I’m going to be embraced by the fans, and going to an organization that I can help and make the other players around me have the impact, go out and score some touchdowns and hopefully win the Super Bowl.”