Chad Ochocinco should shut down Twitter in New England

For those who know Chad Ochocinco well, they would know that he spent his whole NFL career yelling every chance he has just to get all the attention that he needs. He is doing this for him to earn respect and he will pretty much do just about anything to get what he wants, and he has proven this time and time again. People can either love him or hate him, and some just do not get him. But does he care?

Chad has tried all the gimmick there is he even changed his very own name to match his uniform number this is something that nobody has ever tried. Chad Ochocinco has also appeared in one of the most popular reality TV shows, “Dancing with the Stars.” Some people could also remember Chad riding a bull for 1.5 seconds at a professional bull rider’s event. He even tried racing with a thoroughbred, and with a good head start, he won. He is also known to appear in so many reality TV shows, and also has a number of TV appearances, especially talk shows. He even has his own online news network and some people may believe it or not but he has almost 30,000 tweets.

Now Chad is given the time to step back from all his showmanship and to shut off his Twitter feed. He also has to remind all the people that behind the charade there is substance.

Ochocinco never had a problem on or even off the field. He has never been out of shape all his life. He never lacked the will to win, he is always very passionate. Chad does not need any motivation or even a new work ethic.

Ochocinco has played very hard all the time. Belichick has been very proud of Chad Ochocinco for years and years now because the New England coach know and respect that in Ochocinco’s heart of hearts, he really loves the game so much.

This time Chad does not need to do anything to get all the attention or to have the spotlight.

Chad tweeted “God is good,” he posted this after the deal was finalized.

There is actually nothing wrong about promoting one’s self. Sports is also an entertainment business and Ochocinco is just doing what other athletes are doing, he is just following the path to fame and fortune.

If he will just be a humble guy, then he would be a good player, but he would never be as popular as he is right now.

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