Daymond Langkow gets a chance to revive his career

Should they stay or should they go? This is the question that Daymond Langkow and his wife has to ask themselves, after Langkow received a very important call from Jay Feaster, general manager of the Calgary Flames, telling him that they are sending him to the Phoenix Coyotes for winger Lee Stempniak. Langkow had a no-trade clause in his contract that is why he had to make a very crucial decision.

The Calgary Flames did nothing to Langkow but give him some of the best times in his career for the past six seasons. Langkow also posted the best statistics of his career in this team. But this is a great move that he is doing. He is more familiar with Phoenix, where he played for three seasons before. He will reunite with his friend and also a former teammate Shane Doan. With this move, the Coyotes will have more opportunities at center.

But above all else, the most important factor here is that this is a team that wants him. Aside from the fact that the team is willing to take on his contract, which has a year left and which is equivalent to $4.5 million, Don Maloney, the general manager of the Phoenix is looking at a longer term.

It was March 21, 2010, when Daymond Langkow had to call his wife from an ambulance just to tell her not to worry and that he is fine.

Something happened that day during a play and Langkow suffered a fractured vertebra and a damaged spinal cord.

But he was very determined not to let his accident take a toll on his career.

It was not an easy road for Langkow. He may be very determined and optimistic, but he did not foresee the obstacles along the way. Almost the same time last year, Langkow thought he was doing all right and improving. But he realized the hard way that becoming 100% again after a very serious injury is not something that one can recover overnight, it takes a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of patience and determination.

And now that he is at his best, this is also the perfect time that he is moving to Phoenix, where he can rise from the ashes. Daymond Langkow is turning 35 this month but he is a very hard-playing, two-way centerman, and it seems like things are working out for Langkow since the Coyotes has a huge hole in the middle.

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