Dwight Howard seeks the help of a free-throw master

Dwight Howard’s free-throw percentages are not improving at all, for seven seasons now. He could already be playing for a hall of fame career. And because of this Howard decided to, at last, seek the help of a free-throw guru to teach him a thing or two.

This Orlando Magic superstar center is really one of the most well-liked players in the league these days. He is Mr. Nice Guy and also a very willing learner. He is also known as a dominant force defensively, but what most people often notice is that he is, no doubt, a terrible free-throw shooter. Although, Howard’s free-throwing ability is bad, this can not be considered as his Achilles’ heel. But, a lot of people would agree that if he make even just three-quarters of his gimmie attempts, this would help not just him but his teammates as well, and the whole team.

Howard is stuck at just below 58 percent, and he even got only 52 percent, which is his career low and his highest was 62 percent. This is really tough for Howard, and to think he is actually not bad, he can stick a very good elbow under the ball, and he has great strokes.

This is where the famous Ed Palubinskas come in. Palubinskas promises that he can make Howard, at the very least, the next Patrick Ewing. Shaquille O’Neal who also had the same problems as Howard also sought Palubinskas’ help.

According to some sources, Palubinskas said that he would completely change Howard’s numbers in less than a week. And he also said that people would hardly recognize him.

Palubinskas said that Howard just needs some techniques and practices. His mechanics are flawed and his shooting elbow sticks way out very often. Another problem that Howard has is that he does not use the same routine consistently. Palubinskas also said that Howard needs a lot of help with his knee-bend bounce before he shoots.

Dwight Howard, the Defensive Player of the Year, just made a very smart move. Some may think that this is a very small thing but more free-throws mean better scores, for the player and, of course, for the entire team.

This is really a very good move for Dwight Howard. If he pursues this and he would really give his best in honing his free-throw skills, then the best center of the league would be more unbeatable. This is also definitely a very good new for the team.

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