Football problems are short-lived, according to Ohio State head

E. Gordon Gee, Ohio State University President, addressed the institution’s largest graduation class and announced that the football problems that they are having right now are just short-lived and there is nothing to worry.

The university, football team specifically, is actually struggling with the departure of Jim Tressel, football coach, while their star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor is in a middle of an investigation about the scandal regarding the players’ exchanging some of their signed equipment, even some championship rings and memorabilia to an owner of a tattoo parlor for some cash and tattoo discounts. This is really an example of players breaking all the rules.

Jim Tressel, on the other hand, had to step down and end his 10-year Ohio State coaching career last month for breaking some of the NCAA rules. His fault was knowing what the players are doing, selling championship rings and other memorabilia for cash and tattoos, and did nothing about it. He did not report all of these to the committee for nine months and he suffered the consequences, since it was very clear in his contract that he has to disclose or report any violation of the rules by the players.

Gordon Gee made it certain to hundreds and hundreds of alumni as well as all their families, friends, and supporters, and, of course, the graduates, that everything will be over very soon. Gee also reminded the crowd of the memories of some of the great Ohio State athletes before like football player Archie Griffin and Jesse Owens, a very popular and respected track Olympian.

Fans of the football team and all its followers have actually criticized Gee’s handling of the situation. Concerned individuals have been sending him emails and asking him a lot of questions.

Gee was joined by some of the university board of trustees on stage during the graduation program and in front of a lot of people. These people, actually, have the ultimate power of hiring people like Gee and also the power of firing. The athletics director, Gene Smith, was also present during the event.

And amidst all the controversies and all the problems that the university football team is facing, Gee appeared in good spirits as he celebrated the biggest academic event of the year. And he even had some time posing with some people for photographs, and also spent some time congratulating some students and shaking hands with them.

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