Jobs for top-earning veterans as baseball open approaches

Carlos Silva is prepared for around 11 million dollars that would be coming his way this year. To make matters better it is not mandatory for the man to work extra hard pitching for Chicago Cubs. On Wednesday Silva gave an amazing show against their opponents Oakland Athletics and he now hopes to be picked as Cub’s 5th starting man. However, there is still a high probability of the club rejecting his offer which will definitely shutter his ambitions. However, Silva expressed disappointment in case the negative occurs. He said the game was personal but it’s a tough choice as he is not sure what the board’s final decision would be. Silva’s main fifth spot challenger is Cashner who was also the initial round draft choice for Cub’s 2008 draw.

In other news, NY Mets made some tough choices when they took in contracts surmounting to 18 million USD. The team unconditionally gave out Perez the pitcher and the second place baseman Castillo Luis. The latter was signed up with the splendid Phillies while Perez was taken by Washington Nationals. Evaluators have pointed out that Mets would be placed on hold for the entire sum excluding 829,000 USD; this is even when main league rosters have already been made.

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