Kobe goes to Germany for knee relief

Just last year there were rumors going around that Kobe Bryant was not taking part in most, if not all, of the Los Angeles Lakers’ practices. According to some sources the reason why Kobe was sitting out most of the trainings is his injured knee. Reports say Kobe’s knee was not able to handle the daily pounding matched with, of course, the expectations of having to play hard to be able to handle the day-to-day pounding matched with some expectations of having to play deep into June as the Los Angeles Lakers defended their two consecutive NBA Finals championships. Well, for Kobe there is really nothing to worry since he has been one of the most hard-working players in the NBA and he has been working himself to the core and into the postseason ever since he joined the league in 1996.

There is a therapy, these days, that is called derivation of platelet-rich plasma, and according to some sources this is the kind of treatment that Kobe Bryant is getting for his knee.

This whole procedure is something that would really take an expert or a team of experts to perform. Things like this does not happen everyday. But, even though this is not a very common medical procedure, one orthopedic surgeon from Stanford, Allan Mishra, said that this is not a very complex process. The whole thing is actually very clever since doctors would take blood from the patient’s own vein and everything is prepared in front of the patient and then the blood will be put back in an area of the patient’s condition. So, to make things short, experts are just using things inside the patient’s body to help the patient all together. This is just an amazing example and proof of the human body’s natural abilities.

Kobe never had this kind of dilemma before. He has never dealt any kind of major ligament or major cartilage tear in his entire NBA career. This injury, though, is a result of Kobe’s longer playing time. He plays more than anyone else in the league. He even plays more compared to his generation of 15 years. And some people, especially the die hard Los Angeles Lakers fans and, of course, the Kobe Bryant fans could already observe his games and they could say that he has not been himself for the last two seasons now, and players like Kobe Bryant would definitely do everything just to make things perfect again.

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