Latest news on Sakic’s bid to join Av’s front desk

Reports reaching us are indicating that Joe Sakic is planning to roll out another hockey career in cahoots with team he made serious efforts to convert into a Stanley Cup winner. He will be heading the Colorado Avalanche as an executive adviser which is opposed to what he was before, a captain. Apart from representing the players at governors’ board meetings as a sub-governor he will also help in Avalanche’s hockey operations. The man will assume his job just as the regular season comes to a halt.

Lacroix Pierra the team’s president admitted that Joe had done a perfect job in expanding the brand before retiring. And even after retirement he is still welcomed back to help the team move forward through his vast experience in the game. Sakic who clocks at 41yrs of age retired around two years ago after playing for the team for a period spanning 20 years.

Joe joins the squad at one of its poorest seasons ever having lost 20 out the 21 contests it participated in. The team sank to second worst position in this year’s league; a slide which comes only a year after Colorado Avalanche made promising playoffs that made it seem as if it was moving towards recovery.

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