Mike Komisarek’s headshot assault over Olver Mark

Toronto’s Komisarek’s apparently intentional head-blow towards Mark is one of the most controversial in-field unethical acts this season. Some of Mike’s defenders are arguing that he was provoked after Olver earlier insulted him while the majority maintains that it was personal vendetta and nothing to do with Mark the rookie from Colorado. The unexpected head-but made Olver daze out and was also too weak to creep off the frost to the team-bench. Soon after he left the play and did not show up again.

Each heat targeting the skull is nowadays treated with a lot of inquiry after the sudden upsurge of NHL players being ruled out of the game with concussions. NHL is trying as much as possible to minimize the number of such accidents; especially after scientists proved that consecutive concussions may result to Alzheimer’s. If Komisarek is found guilty of intentional offense he may be suspended for a couple of games by NHL. Moreover, the victim has kept his silence for long and we don’t know his next move; Olver may decide to sue the man for intentional harm.

Nevertheless, Komisarek has continued to plead his innocence claiming he was just attempting to clear his check. He said it was not an injury attempt or dirty play and also wished Mark quick recovery.

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