NBA owners make loads of money, but they are big spenders too

Most people do not have sympathy to NBA owners, especially when it comes to the amount of money that they spend in the purchase of their franchises. NBA owners spend loads of money just on contract extensions alone, and by doing these they have also been ignoring a lot of rules and tenets of the last two collective bargaining agreements. They pay their players heaps of money. Players are definitely overpaid.

For people who do not have any idea as to how pampered NBA players are and for people, especially the die hard NBA fans and all the supporters, to know the real score of how their idols are being treated, then the following are just some illustrations.

NBA players get daily food allowance, and this means they have food delivered to their locker rooms both before and after the games. The players are also shipped wherever the game is held, within the country, on private jets for all their road games, and, of course, they are given the best hotel rooms without them spending anything at all. Everything is free of charge, all cost covered by the owners, and yet they receive a lot. And all of these, plus insurance and on-site health care, are just the tip of the iceberg.

So, with all of these, the owners would, of course, want all of their money back. It is not like they are giving it to charity or something. They are actually investing.

But how come that the NBA revenues have been flat for the past few years now and the player salaries have also been flat? These are not good. Some of the NBA players are receiving the highest amount of salary possible in the whole world, and this is not a joke. NBA franchise owners are even richer. But while player salary is growing at roughly the rate of the total inflation, other expenses are really skyrocketing, five times bigger than the rate of inflation.

There are also other non-player payroll issues, but the attention is more centered on how these NBA owners do everything that they could just to make their team players healthier, wealthier, and also wiser.

And this is where the NBA owners are wrong in a lot of ways than one. They have been like this for years now. And this lookout would, definitely, affect a lot of workers. Hopefully this lockout would serve as a wake up call to all the NBA owners and to their group of other minority owners.

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