NBA players meet roadblock to play in China

Kobe Bryant, according to some sources, has offers of $1.5 million every month to play in China. And there are some news going around that he is inclined to accept the offer, one big problem though, according to some reports The Chinese Basketball Association officials are planning to agree on one rule which says that NBA players with opt-out clauses are not allowed to sign a contract with any Chinese team. This said rule will be official within the week.

Bryant is the biggest star who is very serious about his negotiations with a certain Chinese team, and he is not the only one. According to some reports, Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs’ point guard is also meeting some Chinese officials about the possibilities of playing in a certain Chinese team.

But all of these have changed, since according to the rule, even after the lockout players can not just leave and abandon their team and go back to playing in the NBA. If they have signed a contract with any Chinese team, then they have to play for the team for the rest of the season, which ends in the middle of March.

The NBA, though, has very good ties with China. China is actually offering all these players a very good chance of still earning some of the money that they are about to lose once the lockout extends until the rest of the year and the whole season 2011-2012.

Until now, no one knows how the stiff the rule is and how this would affect the whole thing. There are some talks that there are a number of Chinese owners who are insistent on having the NBA players play for their specific teams and are more than willing to restructure the contract just to sort things out, that is why up until know no one is letting go of anything. Everything is still hanging until the said meeting next week, when the verdict will be announced.

The Shanxi team is the most aggressive among the Chinese teams in terms of pursuing NBA players to play in China. And this is the same team that has been offering millions of dollars to players as their monthly salary. And due to Bryant’s reputation, any team would be more than willing to meet his demands, no matter how much it would cost them. This whole deal is also very advantageous for all of Bryant’s product endorsements to conquer the Far East.

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