NBA players to go overseas during the lockout

Kobe Bryant has not finalized anything just yet. Dwyane Wade, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found. Two big names from the NBA are appearing on “Law and Order,” Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. Kevin Love has already taken up pro volleyball. These are just few of the NBA players who have already thought or done something while the lockout is still on. Though, there are a lot of names coming up and rumors of NBA players going overseas, there is no migration of players going on.

So far, the biggest name in the NBA, according to a report by Adrian Wjnarowski, who made the biggest jump, is the former Golden State Warriors scoring forward Reggie Williams. He was also just named as one of the small forwards in the NBA last year. Williams is said to be playing in the Spanish League this year. He already made everything official, and he received a very big buyout clause. Williams will do well with what he has received, so even if the lockout will end and the NBA season this year will resume, Williams will stay overseas to play full season.

Another report also confirmed that the 2010 Final Four Most Outstanding Player, Duke product, and the second round pick of the Detroit Pistons Kyle Singler will also play in the Spanish League. Although Singler was really not the highest choice, especially since the former USC forward and the 16th overall selection of the Philadelphia 76ers Nikola Vucevic will be going home in his native place of Montenegro, to play during the lockout, Singler was signed anyway.

Recently, Marc Stein of also relayed that Omri Casspi, forward for the Cavaliers, might also fly to France and join Tony Parker’s team. Although, Parker does not really have an intention of playing for the French team, but if the lockout continues and players, like Casspi, are showing a lot of interests in playing for the team, then he might just change his mind, pack his bags, and play for his very own French team.

Other names that came up who are said to be considering of playing for Spain are Rasual Butler, Hawks’ second-rounder, Keith Benson, and Pooh Jeter.

More or less, this is the whole scenario. The names mentioned are almost about to sign up or just about to close some deals, while the others are already 100% in. But aside from these, no other names are mentioned, but it is just late August, a lot of things could still happen next month.

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