No tattoos for Cam Newton according to Jerry Richardson

The owner of the Carolina Panthers, aside from other house rules and agreements, has asked the number one draft pick Cam Newton one thing, and that is for him to stay clear of any kind of tattoos as well as some piercings.

During their first meeting, one of the very first questions that Richardson asked from the star quarterback is whether he has some tattoos of any kind in his body or some piercings, and to Richardson’s relief, Newton said “No, sir.” And Richardson made it clear to Newton that he wants for him to stay that way.

Some people may think that Richardson is being biased, especially since most of his players right now have tattoos all over their body and one or more piercings. But, being the owner and the man who runs the team, he has every right to ask things like this from his players, this is not unfair.

People who are working know for a fact that things like this happen in the work place all the time. Some people might wonder why a certain person who has tattoos all over his arms wear long sleeves the entire day at the office even during the hottest day of summer, it is because it is the rule. Some girls are not allowed to wear jeans and shirt in some offices or firms. Some people, whether they like it or not, there are rules that need to be followed. And since Cam Newton is getting $22 million over the next for years, he could not argue with the man who signs his checks if he said no tattoos or piercings. Newton actually has nothing to complain about this, it is not as if not having a tattoo violates his human rights or something. This is actually a very small request.

A lot of people actually like Newton looking so neat and clean, unlike other athletes, and this actually makes him stand out.

Although most athletes and even celebrities have all kinds of tattoos all over their body nowadays, this is all but a trend. And trends fade and die. Maybe someday soon the clean look will be the trend. Nothing lasts forever. Kevin Durant has actually left his arms tattoo-free, though he has some on his chest, but there is always a need for one person to start a trend and in this case it could be Cam Newton.

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