Pryor asked for an apology

Terrelle Pryor spoke for exactly one minute and thirty-seven seconds and ended his silence about all the controversies that surround, him once and for all.

Although it was just for a very short time, but it was the very first time that Pryor talked about the scandal that ended his college career at Ohio State. Pryor faced the media with Drew Rosenhaus, his agent, in giving a very brief statement. Terrelle apologized to the Buckeyes, to all his former teammates, and most especially to his coach, Jim Tressel, for taking part in the mess that would stain and take down one of America’s best programs.

Terrelle had already received a suspension from the Ohio State as well as from the NCAA for the first five games of his senior season. The suspension was handed after Pryor was proven to have accepted improper benefits like cash and tattoos. This very scandal was also the one thing that pushed coach Tressel to resign from his post. Although the coach did not have any direct participation in the said scandal, but the fact that he knew what was going on and did not do anything about it is a very big offense all together. Coach Tressel, actually acknowledged all of these, that he knew his players were taking improper benefits, but he chose to cover his boys for nine months before the Ohio State officials discovered the whole thing.

Terrelle Pryor, with 2,164 yards, is the pride of Ohio State as their leading rusher among quarterbacks. He also threw 57 touchdown passes and is also one of the players aiming to join the NFL’s supplemental draft this summer.

Because of all these the NCAA is now making a very thorough investigation in all areas of the Ohio State’s athletic program, specifically the football team. NCAA is investigating whether the players and other people in position are receiving cars, money, and other benefits or gifts that would be against all the rules. In fact, after Pryor’s revelation, ESPN also shared that one quarterback before claimed that he received a total of $40,000 every year just for signing autographs.

Pryor is still being asked by NCAA to participate in the series of investigations that they are doing since he might be of help in identifying some people and other activities, but Pryor’s attorney, Larry James, said that his client does not have any obligation to speak since he is not a part of Ohio State anymore.

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