Some Issues Threaten the USA Basketball Team

The USA Basketball team is till waiting for the answer and the official announcement from some of the NBA superstars if they are ready to part in the 2012 London Olympics. Most players’ shoe endorsement responsibilities are making then say “yes”, since this is really good marketing for them, especially from the young ones. Being a part of the USA basketball team is also a way for other people to at least get a championship ring for themselves.

Kobe Bryant is one of those players who are very excited for the 2012 Olympics to come. He is also looking forward to achieving Michael Jordan’s record which is six NBA titles and two Olympic gold medals. He is really excited and desires to catch up with the legend. Kobe Bryant is one of those NBA players who do not need to be pursued to join the basketball team, since he is really very willing and passionate about it.

Due to all the issues looming the NBA these days, and the possibility of having the 2011-12 NBA season cancelled, all of these would really cost team USA a lot.

The 2012 London Olympics will also serve as the 20th anniversary of the very first and the original Dream Team (1992) – this team was considered to be the most talented team assembled ever. This was in Barcelona, and this became one of the highlights of the Olympics history since this changed basketball in the world. And some experts believe that minus all the issues, the 2012 team will be more powerful than the previous teams, without question.

Who can forget basketball players and legends like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Chris Mullin who made up the 1992 USA team? Next year people are expecting to have Carlos Boozer in the team, Michael Redd, and the veteran Jason Kidd. And to secure the gold medal in the Olympics, the USA team also has Kevin Durant as well as Derrick Rose, even some of the players for the bench like Kevin Love and Blake Griffin are also some of the names that are being suggested.

Most people might not know, but Kobe Bryant, in fact, is the oldest American player at 33. But, no doubt, he is still one of the best, and with his talents and skills he can still play after 10 years or so. He is really a world-class player and coaches still trust him to handle the game.

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