Pujols out 4-6 weeks; first major injury of his career

People who have been following the games and are awaiting the news that would inform them of the details of Albert Pujols’ recent injury can now learn more about the it and the first thing that they would know is that, this injury would put Pujols in a four to six weeks rest.

He is definitely not playing for four to six weeks because of a fractured left forearm. This injury is said to be the very first major injury of Pujols in his entire career. And this would really hurt him bad and the Cardinals as well.

With this very devastating news, the Cardinals does not need to have a devastating season-ending injury as well, since Pujols hurting his forearm is still not as bad as him hurting his wrist. An injured wrist, especially for a hitter is something that could create a very big trouble for the player and a very huge concern for the whole team, since this would mean longer time of rest and recovery could really be very slow. So, there is still something that fans could be very thankful about, amidst the injury and all.

Cardinals fans are also maybe wondering would happen to the team, with Pujols’ injury and all. Well, the team would presumably move Lance Berkman from right field to first base and Jon Jay would then be moving to right field. Another thing that could be seen as something positive with this scenario is that Berkman has actually been a very good defensive first baseman, but he is not as good as a right fielder, though. With this, fans could expect that the Cardinals’ defense could improve a little. Another one that is definite is that there will be a drop off in offensive production from Pujols to Jay. Jay is a very decent hitter, with four home runs in 163 at-bats and batting .313.

What happened to Pujols would definitely hurt not just him but, of course, the entire Cardinals team as well. Even just one loss would already mean something very bad and would have a huge effect on a team in an NL race, especially now with three teams fighting, the Cardinals, Brewers, and Reds.

This injury would not just hurt Pujols physically, but also financially. Since this injury definitely would cost him a lot of money. Pujols always looked invincible and now he is having the worst injury in his career.