Wade and James talk about chemistry

The biggest criticism that the Miami Heat received last season has something to do with their two superstar players. Last season, a lot of people believe that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James seemed to be taking turns in running the game, which should not be the case. The team made it to the Finals and went through a lot of things along the way, but somewhere towards the end they lost their offensive chemistry.

Months and months before the championship everybody was talking about the team up of Wade and James plus Bosh. But to those who tuned in and watched all the games of the Heat would definitely notice that the Wade and James tandem is not exactly like the kind of partnership that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen has. They were really like ham and eggs, a phrase that most people, including Jordan and Pippen, used to describe their chemistry.

According to Wade, though, this notion that other people have about their tandem are just their perception and a bunch of media chatter. He said that there is nothing wrong with their chemistry. He even thought that they did a good job. And as a proof, Wade continued, James was still third in the league in terms of scoring and he was in fourth place.

Wade also said during the interview for his charity event that he and James are very good friends. And that they have the same goal and that is to work very hard to make everything work for their teammates and to be successful.

This is a way is very true, especially since champions are definitely not made overnight. No matter how great the players are, chemistry is something that develops over time.

Another reason could be that players like Wade, James and Bryant who played in the late summer of 2008 during the excursions together with the Team USA, do not know what to do with players who are of the same breed as they are.

So the lack of cohesion in the team is something that players and the whole team and management have to really work on. But whatever it is, Wade and James have to figure it out themselves. They should work hard together and stop wasting each others’ time by having the same “my turn, your turn” kind of style. This kind of style allowed the team to win a lot of games but it is also the cause of their downfall.

Wade goes back to court for his fantasy camp

The inauguration of the Dwyane Wade Fantasy Camp just took place with 100 or so men who are between 35 to 68 years old. These people will spend four days with Dwyane Wade himself together with Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, Miami Hurricanes coach Jim Larranaga, Florida Atlantic coach Mike Jarvis, former Duke star Jay Williams and a lot more. All of the activities will take place at the very luxurious Miami Beach hotel and each person costs $12,500.

Wade’s coach, coach Crean, at Marquette and now coach at Indiana said that he loves Wade both as a player and as a person. He also said that he is inspired by all of Wade’s projects and he looks up to him as a person, as a man, a father, and as a businessman.

And all of these campers will see a glimpse of all the things that coach Crean sees in Wade, up close and personal.

The Miami Heat superstar guard will mingle with all the guys, pose for some picture taking sessions with them, tease them about their games and give them some tips, and a lot of other things. On the first full days of the camp, Wade and Crean will spend more than 30 minutes just breaking down the aspects of pick-and-roll offense, and then they would entertain questions from the boys, after the campers would be given the chance to play some games.

All of these things are happening inside a huge hotel ballroom, with three full courts set up inside.

One part of the Friday session was a question and answer time with Wade, where he answered all of the questions the campers asked. The campers can ask Wade whatever question they have about basketball.

Wade also shared to his campers that his teammates with the Heat, especially LeBron James and Chris Bosh, will join him in all kinds of activities just for them to improve and be better. This is what Wade was trying to emphasize to his campers, that no matter how good you are now there is always room for improvement.

He also shared to his campers that the only way for Miami Heat to be better and win all their games is for him to come back better, for LeBron to come back better, and for Chris to come back better. And he also stressed that at the end of the day it is all about individual success, as well as team success. And he ended by saying that team success is always way better.

‘I am not superior to anyone,’ LeBron James

As the Miami Heat enters the offseason, aside from the fact that they would be training very hard the whole team would also be under a lot of heavy scrutiny, criticism, attention, and all the things that would haunt them the entire offseason, after the season ended without a championship ring for the team. Maybe this time would be the best time for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh to have some time off from the spotlight, but the fact still remains that the first year of the Big Three ended with a loss in the NBA finals, and this would be a very heavy burden to carry for all three of them.

LeBron James’ last quarter struggles during the NBA finals’ game 6 are still being talked about wherever basketball fans get together. And it will be this way for quite some time even though the Dallas Mavericks team is already enjoying their championship and celebrating their huge triumph.

There are already some reports going on that LeBron is now vacationing somewhere in the Bahamas, and has skipped some of the team’s meetings. Privately, some of LeBron’s teammates have been supporting him and telling him not to listen to all the news report and other things.

LeBron also congratulated the champion, Dallas Mavericks, on his LeBronJames.com and especially mentioned Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, and Jason Terry. He also posted a message for all the Miami Heat fans, to all his teammates, the coaches, team president Pat Riley and, of course, team owner, Micky Arison.

Udonis Haslem has just revealed that he is actually not playing 100% because he has not recovered from his surgery to repair a ruptured foot ligament that happened some time November. Mike Miller, on the other hand, will soon undergo a surgery that would repair his left thumb. The Miami Heat will also soon make their roster decisions, the Heat will, in fact, have the first pick in the second round of next week’s draft.

Spoelstra, Miami Heat coach, told reporters that he is now immersing himself in his work and not lamenting on the fact that they lost the championship ring.

Both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are planning trips to China for some of their charitable events and also a number of camps. Chris Bosh, on the other hand, is also in a lot of stress right now since he is planning for his wedding that is scheduled next month.

NBA FINALS 2011: Heat leads 2-1 with powerhouse Wade and Bosh leading the team

Dwyane Wade is just unstoppable the entire game. He is just doing everything in his powers to get his team, the Miami Heat, in a very crucial win and get the most coveted NBA title.

This time Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem helped out in making their team win this round. And the combined help of Bosh and Haslem made a lot of difference, and gave the team the boost and the win that they needed.

With Bosh’s 16-foot jump from the baseline with only 39.6 seconds left in the game and Haslem guarding Dirk Nowitzki all throughout the game, it was a very good win indeed for the Heat.

According to NBA history, this could be the biggest win by Heat since statistics would show that in a 1-1 record, the winner of the 3rd game always grab the championship. And this happened 11 times already, so with this in mind the Heat will have more confidence facing the Mavericks in Game 4.

The heat might have a repeat performance and win the championship again right on the Dallas floor, very reminiscent of 2006. This could be very painful for the Dallas team that is why the Heat can not be too confident or complacent since Dallas will definitely do everything to win the two remaining games in their court before heading back to Miami.

A lot of people believe that with the Heat’s star powers, they could start celebrating right now, especially after they won their first game. This is said to be the dream team.

Going back to Game 3, the Mavericks turned to their most powerful player, Nowitzki during the last minutes of the game but Haslem was right there doing his job. And there was nothing that Nowitzki could do that would stop Haslem from performing his tasks.

Right after James missed a 3, Dallas had a chance to go for a tie or win the game.

When the buzzed went off, there was no stopping Haslem from swinging his arms and screaming in happiness with the background of sighs from the crowd of 20,340 Dallas fans.

Wade, just made 12 out of his 21 shots, was very dynamic the whole time. Most people could not help but remember the same feeling last 2006 when Heat won the title over Dallas.

Wade and Bosh scored seven points each just in the last quarter and Bosh got 18.