FIBA gave a green light to NBA players to play overseas

The basketball’s governing body announced that they will welcome NBA players to play overseas, as long as they are serious about it and also they have to promise that they would leave once the lockout ends.

FIBA officials gave an announcement recently that they would clear or give a go signal to all NBA players, even those under contract with their own teams to play in the leagues during the lockout, provided that players would sign a deal with opt-out clauses.

The agreement states that players can still receive an income even during the lockout by playing overseas, anywhere they pleas, any team, and as long as they are at their own risk.

The FIBA officials are also hoping that the labor dispute or the lockout would be resolved very soon, and that the NBA season would soon begin as schedules.

According to Patrick Baumann, secretary general, FIBA is created to promote basketball all over the world. And that they support any basketball player who are passionate about playing the game and have a strong desire to promote the sport anywhere they are and whenever possible. But the secretary general also said that even with all these, they still have to take the interests, rights, and obligations of all parties into consideration.

Having the chance to play overseas is one of the best options of NBA players not just to earn money but to play and do what they love during this work stoppage that couldlast a month and is even threatening to put a stop to the entire season of NBA. A couple of players already have a deal with different teams overseas, just like Nets All-Star Deron Williams, he already has a deal with the Turkish club, Besiktas, this same team is also wooing Kobe Bryant. And according to most of the players, even those who are considered superstars said that they are very much willing to play overseas.

Billy Hunter, union executive director, is actually the one who gave the idea or presented the option about NBA players playing overseas. Hunter and the other players believe that this fact would somehow pressure the owner at the bargaining table if they realize that the players have a choice, and that is to play for other teams abroad.

An NBA player, who is under a contract in the NBA and has decided to play in a FIBA-affiliated league, must first get clearance from the NBA. The player would then be given a partial clearance, and this means that the said player should go back to his original NBA team after the lockout.

Chad Ochocinco should shut down Twitter in New England

For those who know Chad Ochocinco well, they would know that he spent his whole NFL career yelling every chance he has just to get all the attention that he needs. He is doing this for him to earn respect and he will pretty much do just about anything to get what he wants, and he has proven this time and time again. People can either love him or hate him, and some just do not get him. But does he care?

Chad has tried all the gimmick there is he even changed his very own name to match his uniform number this is something that nobody has ever tried. Chad Ochocinco has also appeared in one of the most popular reality TV shows, “Dancing with the Stars.” Some people could also remember Chad riding a bull for 1.5 seconds at a professional bull rider’s event. He even tried racing with a thoroughbred, and with a good head start, he won. He is also known to appear in so many reality TV shows, and also has a number of TV appearances, especially talk shows. He even has his own online news network and some people may believe it or not but he has almost 30,000 tweets.

Now Chad is given the time to step back from all his showmanship and to shut off his Twitter feed. He also has to remind all the people that behind the charade there is substance.

Ochocinco never had a problem on or even off the field. He has never been out of shape all his life. He never lacked the will to win, he is always very passionate. Chad does not need any motivation or even a new work ethic.

Ochocinco has played very hard all the time. Belichick has been very proud of Chad Ochocinco for years and years now because the New England coach know and respect that in Ochocinco’s heart of hearts, he really loves the game so much.

This time Chad does not need to do anything to get all the attention or to have the spotlight.

Chad tweeted “God is good,” he posted this after the deal was finalized.

There is actually nothing wrong about promoting one’s self. Sports is also an entertainment business and Ochocinco is just doing what other athletes are doing, he is just following the path to fame and fortune.

If he will just be a humble guy, then he would be a good player, but he would never be as popular as he is right now.

Five of the best point guards in the history of the Chicago Bulls

For NBA fans and other people who love watching basketball, and are die-hard fans of the Chicago Bulls, then they would already know by now that the team has been playing for more than four decades already. So, some players have at least two or three years with the team. Another thing is that players will be classified under one position only even if they played at more than one.

Reggie Theus – This two-time All-Star player, who played from 1978 to 1984, was a very good slashing point guard for the Chicago Bulls. Theus was one of the most popular players in the Chicago Bulls, especially since he played before the era of Michael Jordan, so he was really looked up to by a lot of players and had a great number of followers and supporters. He averaged 18.8 points, with 3.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists for his team with two years of playing where he got more than his average, more than 20 points each game. He has an amazing career total of 6,453 assists which made him join other players in the top 25 of the history of the league.

Derrick Rose – Rose played for just three years now and he is already considered a franchise player and, of course, an MVP winner. He is also known to be one of the greatest point guards in the history of the Chicago Bulls. Two years ago, Rose won the Rookie of Year award and then just last year he made it to his very first All-Star game. And by the third season of 2010-11, Rose led his team to the best record in the league and, of course, as everybody knows, he also bagged the NBA MVP award with averages of 25.0 points, and 4.1 rebounds, and 7.7 assists each game.

Norm Van Lier – He is a three-time All-Star point guard and ran the Chicago Bulls’ offence during the 1970s. He played for over seven seasons and was in the All-Defensive teams for all seven seasons that he was in the Chicago Bulls. He left the team in 1978.

Clem Haskins – He was a point guard during the early years of the Bulls. Although he only played for a short time, he was able to reach the peak of his career during those times.

B.J. Armstrong – He was an All-Star and also one of the fan favorites. He started as the sixth man but later on became the starting point guard. He has contributed a lot with the Chicago Bulls’ first three NBA Championships.

The NHL Awards

The NHL Awards was once again hosted by one of the best hosts and one of the most favorite comedians, Jay Mohr.

This event is actually not just all about the glitz and the glamour. This is also a time for reflection on individual performances. This is also a very special time wherein players act humble and most of them are expected to say that personal accolades do not really matter to them, but of course, most people also know that these players are secretly hoping and wishing and praying that their name will be called and win an award.

Although most of the nominated players would say that just being chosen as one of the nominees is already an achievement, but people know that the players’ competitiveness do not end wherever they go, especially during awards nights like this.

These guys, of course, would want to win an award especially since awards like this could boost anybody’s career.

So, how important are these awards? What can an award do to a player’s career? How can it help? How can it improve their career and their lives as a whole?

The answer to the questions can actually be summarized into three things, contract negotiations, respect, and money.

Contract negotiations and awards go hand in hand. In the NHL, individual accolades are used to make the dollars up. A perfect example is how the Vancouver Canucks locked up Ryan Kesler, he is really a very good catch, he is not a 41-goal scorer but he is also an awardee. He already won the Selke, so he is in a different league all together.

Respect is another thing. Hockey is actually not a very big world unlike what other people think. The players, the GMs, coaches, and other people who have important roles in the team are somewhat connected to one another. Having an award can be translated to more ice time or maybe a better treatment from the coaches, the management, and even by the fans.

A player receiving an award is really one of the happiest people in the world since they do not just get the amazing trophy, but they would also get, on top of contract negotiations and respect, a lot of money. And this is something that most people know, this is expected. GMs would really have no problem giving a player bonuses since apart from feeling proud and happy about this, GMs would also want the player to live up to his potential.