Numerology explained Ron Artest’s new number

Ron Artest, unfortunately, can not have his new name yet. Artest has to wait for a few more weeks, due to the state of California’s draconian ticket laws, before he becomes Metta World Peace. But, the good news is that the name will be his just after some weeks.

In an interview, Mr. Metta World Peace will not just return to the court after a very long break but he would also have a new number. He will now have number 70. And for those who are curious as to what this number means to Artest and to numerology then everything was explained.

Artest said in an interview that he is changing his number not for anything else but for the universe. He said that everything repeats itself but the universe is one. It is the same thing. He just wants to promote healthy minds and keeping the kids positive.

For some who laughed when they heard Artest’s interview, then the whole changing of the number idea is actually technically correct and it does makes sense to the universe. The number 70 is really very significant to the universe. Trey Kerby made a research about this, although not a very thorough one but enough to explain the reason behind the very mysterious number 70.

One of the basic meanings of the number 70 is the totality of an evolution, a very complete evolutionary cycle. And this is all according to Saint Augustin.

And based on the Lakers’ current status, this makes sense. Since without Phil Jackson, the period of the triangle offense is dead.

And the corresponding Hebraic letter is hain, which corresponded to the sixteenth mystery in the Tarot card, which is the house-God, the symbol of fall, collapse, and so on.

There are also some biblical explanations about the number 70. One good example is that Jacob has 70 children. And these children or peoples were also separated or dispersed when the tower of Babel fell down.

There are actually more meanings or representations to the number 70 in other cultures and some world facts. And people would really be surprised to know all of these. They might even begin to believe all of the things that Artest is presenting to the world.

Mohammed was also believed to have seen an angel with 70 heads with one mouth on each one. Another, the face of the Almighty was also covered of 70 sails so that no one would see him. Also, water represents 70 percent of the surface of the Earth, this and more are some of the things that Artest are using as bases for his number change.