The Eagles give a new six-year, $100 million contract to Michael Vick

An NFL contract that has nine digits is a very rare thing. It is very seldom or almost non-existent for a player to have a nine-digit worth contract. And to everybody’s surprise, Michael Vick is the first ever NFL player in the history of the league to collect, not just one but two millions of dollars worth of contract in his NFL career.

For those who can remember, in 2004 Vick signed a $130 million deal, and this was with the Atlanta Falcons. This whole deal went wrong for a number of reasons. And after seven long years, which is like a lifetime for Vick, it has happened again, he has just signed a six-year, $100 million deal with more or less $40 million guaranteed. This agreement would average to $16 million in each of the first three years.

According to the terms of the new CBA, using the franchise tag on Vick this time was going to cost the Eagles $16.057. And, according to Andrew Brandt of The National Football Posts Vick’s cap number will increase from $14.4 million in 2011 to $16.2 million.

This deal, according to a number of reliable sources, is not backloaded. Vick, from the report, has a possibility of earning as high as $16.7 million per season in each of the next three seasons, and this is really something else.

Vick went through a lot, he played as backup for the Eagles in 200p and he was also arrested and had to spend almost two years in federal prison in 2010 for dogfighting. Vick surprised a lot of people, when he brought a new version of himself to the fields. And with only 12 games, Vick passed for 3,018 yards and 21 touchdowns, 233 completions and 373 attempts. Vick also had some injuries due to his very physical and run-heavy style of playing, and at 31 he needs to change his style in due course.

Vick was just given the key to a new playing style, courtesy of Eagles head coach, Andy Reid, and offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg. This is the reason why last year, Vick was not as frantic when he was in and out of the pocket than he used to when he was still playing with the Atlanta Falcons from 2001 through 2006.

With this deal, though, the Eagles is left with approximately $4 million under the present salary cap. And the next project or challenge for the Eagles to sign receiver DeSean Jackson to a very long-term deal just before he becomes a free agent in 2012.

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