The NHL Awards

The NHL Awards was once again hosted by one of the best hosts and one of the most favorite comedians, Jay Mohr.

This event is actually not just all about the glitz and the glamour. This is also a time for reflection on individual performances. This is also a very special time wherein players act humble and most of them are expected to say that personal accolades do not really matter to them, but of course, most people also know that these players are secretly hoping and wishing and praying that their name will be called and win an award.

Although most of the nominated players would say that just being chosen as one of the nominees is already an achievement, but people know that the players’ competitiveness do not end wherever they go, especially during awards nights like this.

These guys, of course, would want to win an award especially since awards like this could boost anybody’s career.

So, how important are these awards? What can an award do to a player’s career? How can it help? How can it improve their career and their lives as a whole?

The answer to the questions can actually be summarized into three things, contract negotiations, respect, and money.

Contract negotiations and awards go hand in hand. In the NHL, individual accolades are used to make the dollars up. A perfect example is how the Vancouver Canucks locked up Ryan Kesler, he is really a very good catch, he is not a 41-goal scorer but he is also an awardee. He already won the Selke, so he is in a different league all together.

Respect is another thing. Hockey is actually not a very big world unlike what other people think. The players, the GMs, coaches, and other people who have important roles in the team are somewhat connected to one another. Having an award can be translated to more ice time or maybe a better treatment from the coaches, the management, and even by the fans.

A player receiving an award is really one of the happiest people in the world since they do not just get the amazing trophy, but they would also get, on top of contract negotiations and respect, a lot of money. And this is something that most people know, this is expected. GMs would really have no problem giving a player bonuses since apart from feeling proud and happy about this, GMs would also want the player to live up to his potential.

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