Wade and James talk about chemistry

The biggest criticism that the Miami Heat received last season has something to do with their two superstar players. Last season, a lot of people believe that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James seemed to be taking turns in running the game, which should not be the case. The team made it to the Finals and went through a lot of things along the way, but somewhere towards the end they lost their offensive chemistry.

Months and months before the championship everybody was talking about the team up of Wade and James plus Bosh. But to those who tuned in and watched all the games of the Heat would definitely notice that the Wade and James tandem is not exactly like the kind of partnership that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen has. They were really like ham and eggs, a phrase that most people, including Jordan and Pippen, used to describe their chemistry.

According to Wade, though, this notion that other people have about their tandem are just their perception and a bunch of media chatter. He said that there is nothing wrong with their chemistry. He even thought that they did a good job. And as a proof, Wade continued, James was still third in the league in terms of scoring and he was in fourth place.

Wade also said during the interview for his charity event that he and James are very good friends. And that they have the same goal and that is to work very hard to make everything work for their teammates and to be successful.

This is a way is very true, especially since champions are definitely not made overnight. No matter how great the players are, chemistry is something that develops over time.

Another reason could be that players like Wade, James and Bryant who played in the late summer of 2008 during the excursions together with the Team USA, do not know what to do with players who are of the same breed as they are.

So the lack of cohesion in the team is something that players and the whole team and management have to really work on. But whatever it is, Wade and James have to figure it out themselves. They should work hard together and stop wasting each others’ time by having the same “my turn, your turn” kind of style. This kind of style allowed the team to win a lot of games but it is also the cause of their downfall.

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